Graduation Party Checklist

Free Graduation Party Checklist

Whether it’s preschool, elementary school, high school or college, graduation is a special time for a student. Taking the next step in your education is a great reason to celebrate, but planning out the party can be quite the hassle. Enter the graduation party checklist.

You can plan a celebration of any size quickly and easily with the graduation party checklist. Since the costs associated with graduation parties can become quite exorbitant, the graduation party checklist is being offered for free. Simply click the link found on this page to download and get started today.

Getting the Most out of the Graduation Party Checklist from Microsoft

So what is the graduation party checklist? The graduation party checklist is an easy-to-use Microsoft Excel template. The checklist can be used for a party of any type, but this piece will focus on use for a graduation party. All parts of the graduation party checklist are customizable, so feel free to make any necessary alterations.

The graduation party checklist consists of five separate worksheets:

  • Party Overview
  • Guest List
  • Food and Beverage
  • Other Essentials
  • Seating Arrangement Grid

All sections of the graduation party checklist are straightforward and self-explanatory. The “Party Overview” section gives you an overview of the bash. Here is where you will list the event, date, time and location. This is also where you will find the guest summary and the budget summary.

The “Guest List” section is reserved for the important information regarding those who plan on attending the party. The “Food & Beverage” section gives you a point-by-point breakdown of the items you plan to serve at the party. The “Other Essentials” section is for other items you will need for your party, such as equipment, supplies and decorations. The “Seating Arrangement” section is to make an easy-to-read grid if you plan on having assigned seating at your event.

Planning a party shouldn’t be stressful. Download and print the graduation party checklist from Microsoft for free today!

Download: Graduation Party Checklist

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