House Maintenance Checklist

Free House Maintenance Checklist

The various things that need to be routinely done in a home for optimal house maintenance can be better scheduled when a house maintenance checklist is used to keep things better organized. This is because a house maintenance checklist that is available via a free download, highly customizable to meet the unique needs of your home and easy to use will help ensure those key things that need attention and upkeep in your home are never overlooked.

Tips For Using the House Maintenance Checklist

The first step to make the house maintenance checklist work to your advantage is to utilize that customizable feature and add items to the house maintenance checklist that are inside your own home. You want to make sure to include any and all items both inside and out of your home that require general repair and service work for the best performance.

The second step to make the house maintenance checklist work best for you is to review all items on the list and make sure every item listed on the final house maintenance checklist is correct and accurate. This will help keep your routine better planned out as it will show you clearly when such maintenance needs performed and thus you can quickly make plans for that work to be performed.

The third way to make your personalized house maintenance checklist work best for you is to add those tasks or reminders to your other calenders so that you can always know what is coming up and what will need attention. This is easy to do as the checklist divides the tasks in to periods of time such as fall, spring, summer and winter and thus you can quickly reference the list and add those key items to your cleaning our housework list.

The fourth way you can make the checklist work best is to create a separate attachment that you can staple to the back of the checklist or simply turn the page over and write down additional information. This should include the names and contact numbers for professional firms such as electricians, plumbers, general contractors and HVAC firms. It is also wise to write down the makes and model numbers for all units, systems and appliances as well so in the event professional assistance is required the information will be easy to locate.

Download: House Maintenance Checklist

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