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It is a well known statement that employees can be a company’s greatest asset or downfall. The way in which a company manages their employees can help determine into which category their staff falls. Giving regular performance interviews can either increase or decrease an employee’s contribution to a company. Having a good Performance Interview Checklist to guide your supervisor through the interview process can help. Download the interview checklist template for free right here today!

Performance Interview Checklist Template Can Be a Great Guide

Using Microsoft’s Performance Interview Checklist template, not only relieves the stress of remembering all of the details required to perform an interview; it is also easy to use, and completely customizable. You can get it free right here. This template can be printed out in a matter of seconds, and is a valuable guide to help organize and prepare the employer or supervisor for the meeting. It’s easy to read layout, has three main categories; preparation, execution and the conclusion.

Interview Checklist Template Layout

Each of the categories within the template has a list of questions that not only help prepare the performance reviewer for the interview; but also guide them throughout the process.

  • The preparation category reminds the interviewer of the paperwork and steps required to prepare for the interview. Things like documents collected, meeting place reserved etc. are included in this category.
  • The execution category has questions to help keep the interview running smoothly and on a positive note. Questions in this category help to encourage positive communication and feedback from the employee so that further growth is acquired.
  • The conclusion category provides questions that serve as reminders for setting future goals, interview dates, and preparing necessary paperwork regarding the review.

How To Use the Interview Checklist Template

  • First, simply read over the columns to see if the questions apply to your particular business.
  • Second, if there are any questions that do not pertain to the type of work performed by your employee or your company; simply delete them from the template.
  • Third, if there are additional areas that need to be covered for the interview, add them to the template’s columns.
  • Fourth, print out the template and save the original for other employee performance reviews.

When employees receive positive and organized reviews it can increase their performance level; thereby encouraging more growth within the company.

Download: Interview Checklist

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