Monthly Cleaning Checklist

Businesses, nonprofit organizations and even individuals intent on scrubbing an office or house down from ceiling to floor will benefit from the Monthly Cleaning Checklist. Instead of finishing the job only to discover something was forgotten, people simply print out the checklist and keep themselves on track. They can even customize the list to fit their exact needs, making sure no nook or cranny is forgotten.

Simply download the Monthly Cleaning Checklist, customize to one’s specific needs and print out the list.

Customizing the Monthly Cleaning Checklist

One of the greatest advantages to using a Monthly Cleaning Checklist is one can customize the list to fit one’s specific needs and requirements. Rather than dealing with confusing lists that do not fit the job, business and individuals can ensure only the tasks that need completed are included, creating an easy-to-follow checklist designed for specific situations. All one has to do is take advantage of the free download located below, personalize to fit one’s exact needs and print out the perfect cleaning checklist.

How to Use the Monthly Cleaning Checklist

  • The first step, once the file is successfully downloaded, is to select the file folder, and click on the checklist template to open a new document in Excel.
  • Once a new document is open, select the appropriate field and add each desired task under the proper category.
  • Next, select the desired font, font color and field background color to personalize the checklist.
  • The final step is to save the document and print out as needed.

Tips for Using the Monthly Cleaning Checklist

  • Create a more efficient checklist by determining the daily, weekly and monthly schedule before customizing the template.
  • Assign tasks to specific days, making sure days known to be busy are left free while still ensuring the desired tasks are completed on schedule.
  • Be sure to assign people to each tasks, making sure every individuals knows exactly what he or she is expected to do.
  • Use the note are to leave specific instructions for tasks.

Download: Monthly Cleaning Checklist

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