Office Maintenance Checklist

Often times, a clean office leads to a more productive and efficient work environment. However, staying on top of routine tasks and maintenance can be an issue given all of the other responsibilities shared by you and your employees. That’s why the office maintenance checklist was created.

The office maintenance checklist breaks all tasks down in a simple, easy-to-read and use format. Businesses and companies have plenty of expenses to worry about. That’s why the Microsoft office maintenance checklist template can be downloaded with a single click for free on this page!

Using the Microsoft Office Maintenance Checklist Template

The office maintenance checklist is an Excel template from Microsoft. The template is customizable, so you can make changes as you see fit. If you are satisfied with how it is formatted, or if you have finished making changes to it, you can also convert it to a Word or PDF document before printing.

The top of the office maintenance checklist template is reserved for the name of your business or company. The office maintenance checklist is broken up in to a pair of sections: Area/Task and Frequency.

In the “Area/Task” section is where you will note what task needs to be completed and in which area of the office it needs to take place. For example, the first line on the formatted office maintenance checklist reads “Offices: Remove Trash.” This simply means that all of the trash in the offices needs to be removed.

In the “Frequency” category is where you will note how often each task needs to be completed. Using the first example, the “Frequency” is marked “Daily.” Other options include weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and as needed.

Keep your office or workplace neat, tidy and organized with the office maintenance checklist template from Microsoft. Download the template instantly for free today!

Download: Office Maintenance Checklist

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