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Free Online Checklist

Whenever a person has multiple things to do or pick up, the easiest way to order them and organize the items is with a checklist. Checklists can come in many forms from written on the back of receipts, to scrawled on a hand, but the easiest way to use them is with a pre-made list. With an online checklist template, things have never been easier. The online checklist template allows you to download and use a pre-made checklist; all you need to do is add your items and you’re ready to go!

How to Use the Online Checklist Template Word Document

  1. Download your free template from this page!
  2. Write down all of your tasks or items in the ‘what’ column of your list.
  3. Order your items in the order they need to be done. You can either list them in order, or use the convenient ‘Priority’ column to order them on the fly.
  4. Add additional information such as ‘Due Date’, ‘Who’ the task or item applies to, and a status of it it’s in progress or done.
  5. If you don’t like these steps, change your item categories and customize your online checklist however you want!

Quick Tips for Better Online Checklists!

  • Since this online checklist template is completely customizable, be sure to change things so that they apply to you and your specific needs. Your grocery list probably doesn’t need a ‘Due Date’ column, but it could probably use a ‘Quantity’ one. Make it work for you!
  • Downloading this template for a ready to use checklist is entirely free, and found on this page, so you can download it as many times as you’d like on as many computers as you want!
  • Use this online checklist template to make easy to distribute itineraries for meetings, chore lists for the kids, or even To-Do lists for around the house.

Everybody is busy and everybody has things they need to get done, things they need to buy, or things that they might forget, so relax and stay organized with this free checklist.

Download: Online Checklist

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