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Free Party Checklist

Have you ever tried to plan a party but ended up so overwhelmed that you swore you would never do it again? I know I sure have and what I wouldn’t have given then to have this party checklist template then to help me with my planning. Including budget information, a guest list, a supply list and all costs incurred, this template is an invaluable tool to help with your next large or small occasion.

Using the Party Checklist Template

This template is for use in Excel 2007 or greater. The party checklist is free, easy to use, fully customizable and downloadable right here, just click on the download link to get started! Once downloaded and saved, customize the party checklist with all of your own information. Add the date and time of the party at the top right corner of the template. Once you have the party checklist completed to your liking, then you can update it as you get the rest of the information from your guests as it comes. This should cut out tons of stress for you and even your guests as some may be vegetarians, you can add that as another category! As you gather info on the supplies you need, the party checklist template will even sum up all costs posted so that you don’t have to do any of the math yourself. Just plug your budget in, compare that and your actual costs and it will help you stay on track easily.

Tips and Tricks for the Party Checklist Template

  • You can change, add or remove any of the headlines, for example if you want to change the music category “Format” column to say “Artist,” or changing another category or two, adding telephone numbers for guests
  • Consider removing irrelevant items completely, for instance if you don’t need music at all for this gathering
  • If you’re having a potluck party, you could pass the party checklist out to guests so they know what they need and or how many other guests will be attending
  • Save copies in print or on the computer so that you have it to compare for the next gathering or so you can improve next year Template

Download: Party Checklist

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