Preventative Maintenance Checklist

Free Preventative Maintenance Checklist

When homeowners take proper care of the interior and exterior of their property it adds value to the cost of their home. Downloading this preventative maintenance checklist will give you a detailed list of when to inspect, clean and do maintenance work on your home. Download the Preventative Maintenance Checklist for free here!

How to Use the Preventative Maintenance Checklist

This checklist gives you a template for a quarterly, monthly or weekly schedule that is customizable to your needs. If you own a mini mansion, you may have to add some items to your preventative maintenance checklist that the owner of a single family home may not need. At the same rate, if you are the owner of a condo, there will be items on the list that you can remove. This easy-to-use preventative maintenance checklist template is free to download. Nowhere else can you download a free checklist that provides the space for you to add/delete items and then date it when the task is complete; yet still leaving room for future use on the same page.

This template will not only save you time and brain power, it will also save you money. A weekly schedule of chores on a preventative maintenance checklist will help you stay on top of the necessary “To Do’s” and keep you ahead of the quarterly seasonal items.

Tips for Using the Preventative Maintenance Checklist

  • Create a file folder that stores your quarterly and monthly preventative maintenance checklists and tag it with a colored tab of your choice. Write the name of the month that the next update is to be performed. When that month comes, complete your updates and change the color of the tab and month name.
  • After you have completed an update of your preventative maintenance checklist, scan a copy into a file on your computer. You can put this file information into a calendar alert system on your computer so that it will send you a reminder of the due date of your next quarterly or monthly checklist update. When the checklist has been newly updated, you can delete the last copy and scan the updated one. That way the information is only a click away for a brief reminder of what has been done and when.

Download: Preventative Maintenance Checklist

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