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Companies have specific projects from time to time that require intense organization. In order to make sure that the project goes off without a hitch, much preparation must be put into the planning of aspects. A Project Checklist is a great way to make sure that everyone involved is on the same page and knows what is expected. This is a reminder of what needs to be done and other specifics regarding to the project. A company who wants to organize things properly and create a professional document to chart progress can use a customizable Project Checklist Word Document Template.

Employees don’t remember every little detail about a certain task, which is why the project checklist is perfect. It is a constant reminder of what needs to be done and can be customized to the event. No two businesses or projects are the same, so this project checklist template can be customized to fit the event. Microsoft Word templates allow a company to create the documentation they need to make sure everyone stays on task with their Project Checklist.

Using the Project Checklist Word Document Template

  • First, when setting up the template, divide the project into phases or sections. The project can be divided into three phases, or several projects can be run on one main page.
  • Second, set up the initial categories and then put sub categories underneath them. For instance, if the second phase of the project is to draft team members, the subcategory could be how this will be accomplished.
  • Third, customize the information given. If the company wants to allow 3 hours for a person to do employee recruitment, they can add an hour or cost phase on the side. If the phase of the project should cost no more than a certain amount, put that in there too. The beauty of this Project Checklist is it can be made to suit the needs of the company.

Useful Tips for the Project Checklist Word Document Template

  • First, this form will allow a company to track percentage complete and to set an overall completion date. Make sure to chart progress and ensure that all employees are utilizing this feature.
  • Second, be sure use the data collected. This information can be used to help future projects and can be beneficial to chart employees’ time.
  • Third, this Project Checklist can be a valuable tool to the accounting department. When trying to figure how many man hours were spent, it is easy when this document is utilized.

Having a checklist to make sure a project stays on tack is essential. Use the Project Checklist template Word document to make your entire project organized!

Download: Project Checklist

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