Questions for Aging Parents Checklist

Questions for Aging Parents Checklist

As the saying goes, there are only two things guaranteed in life: death and taxes. While we can spend our lives trying to evade the latter, the first is not so easily dodged through loopholes and lobbying money. As your parents age, they may have never paid their taxes, but there are many questions regarding their care that must be asked. The Questions for Aging Parents Checklist will help you prepare your family as your parents transition into an elderly state.

How to use the Questions for Aging Parents Checklist

Though many of these questions are difficult to ask, they are imperative if you want to avoid issues and trouble in the future. Begin by printing the checklist and having yourself and any siblings read over the questions to decide what is applicable to your parents.

Since the elderly go to the doctor quite often, its important to establish how and if you will be involved in that portion of your parent’s life. While asking these questions, get all information including doctor’s names, phone numbers, and medications.

Finances can easily be covered with a family attorney and accountant. If you don’t have those, make sure anything decided on is notarized by a bank.

The living situation of a parent is usually decided when the issue arises. Prepare early by helping your parent decide where they want to live in different situations that could exist.

The death preparations may be a touchy subject, however it is necessary. Many parents want to be buried in a family burial plot, so its important to know that it is reserved. Likewise, most people have plans for their dead body.

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