Retirement Checklist

Free Retirement Planning Checklist

Have you put in your time and years of hard work and looking at potentially retiring? Microsoft has created a Retirement Checklist that you can fill out the information and weigh your options if you are able to retire by your goal date. The template can be downloaded on this page by clicking the download now button and there is FREE to use.

Using the Retirement Checklist Template from Microsoft

When you first open up the Microsoft Excel, in Windows or Macintosh, you will see your company information and the information you will fill out will be broken into 4 basic sections. The sections consist of lifestyle, health, finances and legal. The forms come populated with the following information but they can easily be customized to suit your needs.

The first section of the Retirement Checklist consisting of lifestyle is broken down to the following information:

  • Where do you plan on retiring?
  • Do you plan on finish life in a home or assisted living?

The next section, health, of the Retirement Checklist consists of the following list of questions:

  • What level of benefits will be required in a worst-case scenario?
  • Have you compiled a list of your medical history, physicians, and current medication prescriptions?
  • Does your family have a history of debilitating illness and/or long life expectancy?

The third section of the Retirement Checklist, financial, consists of the following list of questions:

  • Have you compiled a list of all the assets you or your spouse (if applicable) own? Do you update this list monthly?
  • Based on a conservative investment strategy, will returns be enough to support your desired style of living?
  • At what tax rate will you be taxed during your later years?
  • How do you plan to protect your beneficiaries?
  • How do you want to pass your assets on to the next generation?

The last section of the Retirement Checklist is legal and consists of:

  • Have you compiled a list of contact information for your closest family and trusted friends?
  • Do you have an updated will and living will prepared?
  • Who will handle your will or living will?

Each of these sections help break down important factors to consider in your retirement besides just the financial aspect. It allows you to answer the questions and add notes on questions to ponder and help prevent you from getting hit with unexpected surprises. Download the Retirement Checklist, compare your information and see if you are ready to retire and live the lifestyle you want today!

Download: Retirement Checklist

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