Sales Team Member Checklist

Every team member needs to be evaluated. How do you know which criteria to use in your evaluation? It would be great if there was a checklist that had all of the information that you need. There is and it’s right here. Here is a simple to use Sales Team Member Checklist that will make your evaluations quick and easy.

This Sales Team Member Checklist is free to download right here and is completely customizable to fit your personal business needs. You can set the parameters of your evaluations in minutes and save them for future use. Everything you need for your team member evaluations is right here on this site.

How to Use Sales Team Member Checklist

  1. Fill in the customizable information about your company. Try to include every task that the team member might be required to do.
  2. Fill out the information about the team member that you are going to evaluate.
  3. Score the team members performance according to the categories on the checklist.
  4. Go over the evaluation with the team member.

Tips for Using the Sales Team Member Checklist

  1. Make sure that you include all the pertinent data for job performance. It is easy to overlook things so take your time when filling out the customizable data.
  2. Try to be certain that you are evaluating the team member fairly. Be sure to include tasks that may not be a part of their job but that they have done above and beyond their normal job duties.
  3. Don’t be too easy on them. If the team member isn’t performing adequately then make sure that you note it.
  4. Evaluate every team member using the Sales Team Member Checklist. That way the evaluations are fair for all team members.

You may want to evaluate your team members every year, every six months, after a ninety day probationary period, or quarterly. How often you evaluate is entirely up to you. However often you decide to evaluate, the Sales Team Member Checklist is the perfect quick and easy way to do it.

Download yours today.

Download: Sales Team Member Checklist

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