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Free Teacher To Do Checklist

Wish you had more time to finish things in your job as a teacher? If there never seems to be enough time, get the help you need with the Teacher To Do Checklist. This free, customizable template helps you make the most of your time to get things done. This template is free for all teachers to use and download from this website, no user name or account required. Have a friend who needs help? The checklist can be used by teachers of all age groups and subjects. Whether you teach high school, middle school, elementary school, preschool, an elective or a combination, the Teacher To Do Checklist will help you manage your work load so you can focus on managing students.

Why Use the Teacher To Do Checklist?

Every week brings something different to a teacher’s chore list. The Teacher To Do List makes keeping track of these items a breeze with its customizable format and color-coded chart. Because it’s electronic, it can be saved to a flash drive and attached to your keys, helping you keep track of the work you’ve completed at home and the work you’ve completed at school.

How to Use the Teacher To Do Checklist

Download the Teacher To Do Checklist. For the first month of school, you may start with just one checklist. Later, it may be easier for your record keeping to download an additional copy for the separate week, month or unit of study that you’re planning.

Next, consider the tasks that need to be done. Type each of these tasks into the “item” column. Think about what type of job each task is and assign it a category. For example, cleaning your classroom may be assigned to the “Other” category while grading student work would belong to an “Assessments” category.

Managing Time with the Teacher To Do Checklist

After giving each item a category, it’s important to assign the item a start and end date especially for purposes of assigning grades. The paperless checklist helps by showing how many days you have left to complete a task or which tasks are overdue. It’s an easy, quick way to show which tasks need the most urgent attention, helping you maximize a small amount of planning time.

Download: Teacher To Do Checklist

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