Project Control Phase Review

The satisfaction that comes from completing a project with your team can’t be beaten. The free Project Control Phase Review is a great way to review the work you’ve just completed by making a step-by-step checklist that goes over all the tasks and assignments of your project and making sure they’ve been completed the right way. The free document is a simple Word file that you’ll edit to fit your own project plan. If you’re ready to get the peace of mind that comes from reviewing your work, then download the free Project Control Phase Review template today!

Using the Project Control Phase Review

Start by downloading the free template document. To download this file, just follow the link at the bottom of this page.

The template itself is designed to be simple and right to the point. Enter your project name and the time you expect to complete the project in the indicated spaces above.

In the project management table below, there are only 6 pieces of information you need to start structuring the review template.

Start with a brief description of the project task in the second column. If you’ve double checked one of the projects and it’s good to go, then enter “Yes.” If it needs to be redone or reviewed again, mark “No.”

If you’re inspired to improve or change one of the tasks of your project during the review portion, you can add a comment in the comments section. You can add items in the comments section that might improve this template as well.

The free Project Control template is a great way to create a template to review your completed project and make sure it’s done the right way. Download the free template today.

Download: Project Control Phase Review

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