What To Ask Your Dentist Checklist

What To Ask Your Dentist Checklist

Most of us want to get out of a dentist’s office as fast as possible. The unpleasant experience of having someone poke your gums with sharp objects and prod around your teeth causes many to hightail it out of the office as soon as they’re free. But since we need teeth to chew and most of us like the aesthetic of having teeth, it’s important to ask your dentist questions before you squeal out of the parking lot. The What To Ask Your Dentist Checklist is a brief but important list of questions to help you maintain healthy teeth and avoid more frequent trips.

How to use the Dentist Question Checklist

After downloading the one page document, look over the questions. Most of these inquiries should be asked after the examination is finished for the most accurate answer.

The first few questions about the current state of your teeth may already be answered by your dentist as they do the examination, but ask the questions if not. Oral cancer is a deadly disease that often is not detected until it has significantly spread. Most dentists do not screen for oral cancer at a regular check-up unless you have had cancer in the past or are a frequent smoker. Regardless, anyone can get the disease so it’s worth it to request a screening at least annually.

Likewise, it is important to ask if there is anything that was found that your general practitioner should know about. Abnormalities in the throat or other changes should be told to your doctor, along with any medication that the dentist prescribes in case it conflicts with other medication.

Finally, ask about how often you should be coming in based on the status of your examination. You can also inquire about any signs to look for that would lead to further damage.

Be sure to print this document and bring it with you to your next appointment to cover all your questions.

Download the What To Ask Your Dentist Checklist

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