Chore Checklist for Kids

Every parent knows that instilling a sense of responsibility in children at an early age is extremely important. A great way to do this is by having kids help out with simple chores around the house. You can make this learning experience easier with a chore checklist for kids.

With the chore checklist for kids, your child will be able to clearly see what chores need to be done and when they need to do it. You can download and print the chore checklist for kids from Microsoft for free simply by clicking the link on this page!

Using the Microsoft Chore Checklist for Kids Template

Microsoft has designed the chore checklist for kids in a very easy to use and understand format. You can input all the necessary information either by typing it in or jotting it down by hand.

The top of the chore checklist for kids is reserved for the name of your child or children. To personalize the checklist, simply edit where it says “Ethan’s Daily Chores” and add your child’s name. Below that is where you will add the week the chores will need to be completed.

As formatted, the body of the chore checklist for kids has space for up to seven different chores, such as homework, taking out the trash or doing the dishes. You will find columns for five days of the week beginning with Monday across the top of the chore checklist for kids. Once a task or activity has been completed, simply mark the box in the corresponding day of the week.

The Microsoft chore chart for kids is totally customizable. The template comes in blue, but can easily be altered to pink, red or any other color you can think of that better suits your child. You can also add or remove space for chores or days of the week if necessary.

You can begin to teach children the importance of responsibility and get some extra help around the home with the chore checklist for kids template from Microsoft. Download and print the chore checklist for kids absolutely free today!

Download: Chore Checklist for Kids

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