College Moving Checklist

Free College Moving Checklist

College is one of the most exciting and enjoyable times a person will experience during their lifetime. Before you can experience all the college has to offer, you likely will have to move to a dorm or an apartment somewhere near campus. The college moving checklist can make this a much easier task.

By using the college moving checklist properly, you are almost guaranteed to leave nothing of importance behind. College students and their parents have enough current and future expenditures to worry about. That’s why the Microsoft college moving checklist is free! Simply click on the link located on this page to begin.

Using the College Moving Checklist from Microsoft

The college moving checklist is a beautifully designed Microsoft Excel template. The college moving checklist comes formatted with everything you should need for your move. However, the template is also completely customizable so you can make any potential necessary changes as you see fit.

One of the best features of the college moving checklist is that as you check off items, the template keeps track of your progress. The college moving checklist also provides packing tips, such as wrapping shoes in plastic, packing clothes separately and specially packing fragile items. You can even place your school logo on the checklist if you so desire.

The body of the college moving checklist is separated into four categories:

  • Item
  • Category
  • Count
  • Packed

Once an item has been packed and added to the count total, a green check mark will appear in the “packed” column. This will also add to your packing progress bar. As stated earlier, you can add or remove as many items on the college moving checklist as you wish.

Make the next big move in your life a little easier with the college moving checklist from Microsoft. Download the college moving checklist for free today!

Download: College Moving Checklist

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