First Apartment Checklist

So you’re ready to leave the nest and begin looking for your first apartment. Moving out and being on your own for the first time can feel like an overwhelming experience at times. Picking the perfect first apartment isn’t an easy task, but the first apartment checklist can help you as you go through the process.

The first apartment checklist lays out everything you want in a new home in an easy-to-read format. Budgeting is a big issue when searching for a new home. That’s why the first apartment checklist from Microsoft can be downloaded and printed for free on this page. Click the link and take the first step towards your first apartment!

Using the Microsoft First Apartment Checklist

The first apartment checklist is an impressively formatted Microsoft Word document. The checklist displays bold, easy-to-read text, but can be changed if you find something more readable. In fact, the entire first apartment checklist is customizable and the formatted template merely serves as a guide for the most important things people generally look for when searching for their first apartment.

The first apartment checklist includes a number of factors you will want to consider when looking for your new home, including:

  • Number of Bedrooms
  • Number of Bathrooms
  • Amount of Rent
  • Terms of Lease
  • Vaulted Ceilings
  • Floors
  • View
  • Pool
  • On-Site Management

As you read through the first apartment checklist, you can jot down notes and denote the level of importance of each factor in finding a home. Once you’ve found that an apartment has met a necessary requirement, simply check off the corresponding box on the first apartment checklist.

There’s no limit to the amount of times you can download or print the first apartment checklist. Print off as many as you need for all the different complexes you may visit.

Make sure you’re ready for your big move with the first apartment checklist. Download the first apartment checklist for free courtesy of!

Download: First Apartment Checklist

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