Performance Interview Planning Checklist

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Having a Performance Interview Planning Checklist is essential for maintaining good records and keeping things organized when you have a number of employees for whom you are responsible. You can get the performance interview planning checklist for free right here.

Always Be Professional

There’s nothing worse than calling an employee for a review and then realizing you don’t have all the information required to execute the review properly. It’s not only a waste of time but also makes you look very unprofessional. It is critical for a supervisor to earn and maintain a level of respect from employees. Preparing for your employee performance interviews can be much easier when you use this Performance Interview Planning Checklist. You can download this free template right here. This easy-to-use, template form is customizable in that questions, or task items, may be added to or deleted from the original format based to suit your specific needs.

The advantage of using a Performance Interview Planning Checklist is that you will have an opportunity to involve the employee in the process by asking for their feedback on some of the questions. This will contribute to them having a better comprehension of what is involved and expected of the performance interview.

Tips for Using the Performance Interview Planning Checklist

  • Create a separate Performance Interview Planning Checklist for each employee.
  • Add or delete questions to create the optimal form for your company, organization or team.
  • Make plenty of copies to use for each performance interview.
  • Check off each item as you go down the list to show whether or not the information you need is available for the employee review or if it’s even required.
  • Once you have completed the list, attach it to the information prepared for each performance interview.
  • If there are questions for the employee to answer, be sure to include them in the process.

Performance Interview Planning Checklist: Checks and Balances

Clear expectations must be established from the start. Maintaining a standard of operations for performance reviews is absolutely necessary when it comes to questions of fairness and validity. Executives must review the standards periodically to ensure their adherence to industry requirements. In addition, human resources must keep accurate records for review upon request by the proper authorities.

This Performance Interview Planning Checklist will also serve as proof and accountability measures concerning checks and balances within the organization and from a legal perspective. The goal here is to be properly prepared to carry on this necessary business activity in a professional manner. This Performance Interview Planning Checklist will help you to be ready to go when the employee arrives for the appointment.

Download: Performance Interview Planning Checklist

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