Pet Sitter Checklist

Free Pet Sitter Checklist

Pet owners almost always want to take their furry member of the family along with them on trips or other events, but there are some instances where it just simply isn’t feasible. Leaving a pet behind isn’t easy and finding the right person to watch your little loved one can be even more difficult. You can make the process a little easier by using the pet sitter checklist from Microsoft.

With the pet sitter checklist from Microsoft, you can avoid any potential chaos or confusion in the event something unfortunate happens while you are away. You can also make sure your pet’s normal routine isn’t interrupted just because you’re gone. You can download and print the pet sitter checklist from Microsoft absolutely free simply by clicking the link available on this page!

Using the Microsoft Pet Sitter Checklist

The pet sitter checklist template from Microsoft covers all possible bases if you are forced to leave a pet behind.  The top of the pet sitter checklist is reserved for the name or names of the pets that the sitter will be taking care of.

The next section of the pet sitter checklist is titled “Where to Find Us.” Here, you can inform the sitter of where you’ll be, what the address is, what the phone number is and the date and time you will be returning.

The next section in the pet sitter checklist is for special instructions for the sitter. This is the place where you will describe what meals and snacks your pet eats, what their walking schedule is, what allergies they may have, what medications they may take, where they like to hide and their favorite toys or games. Below the instructions you can input and additional notes or information you feel would be helpful.

The next area in the pet sitter checklist is for pet medical emergency information. Here you will place name, address and phone number of both the pet’s regular veterinarian and emergency veterinarian. You can also include the name and number of a neighbor or friend.

The final section of the pet sitter checklist is saved for home emergency information. Here is where you will provide all of the critically important information in case of an emergency. All information in all sections of the pet sitter checklist can either be typed in via keyboard or handwritten after you print it off.

Make the time away from your pet a little less stressful by downloading the free pet sitter checklist template today!

Download: Pet Sitter Checklist

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