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Free Trip Checklist

Travel affords remarkable opportunities to gain perspective on our world. Cultures, individuals, man-made and natural environments all impact us, expanding our understanding. It behooves us to get out and explore. Whether a trip is taken by necessity or for pleasure, using the Trip Checklist simplifies preparation.

How to Use the Trip Checklist

  • The Trip Checklist is available at no cost on this page and is easily customizable to your personal needs.
  • To download the checklist, click the download link, open the document, and start planning.
  • With its spreadsheet format, adding the desired number of columns or rows to match your planning style is simple. Perhaps a things-to-do list and check mark column are sufficient. However, if you prefer columns for notes, phone numbers confirmations, addresses, flight specifics and the like, the template will seamlessly accommodate your needs.
  • Keep the checklist stored on your computer and make notations as you prepare or print it to keep a manual record. Either way, the Trip Checklist will keep you organized and on-track for a great time away from home.

Tips for Using the Trip Checklist

  • Use the Trip Checklist to unify thoughts on every aspect of your trip. Include transportation and accommodation plans. Will you require directions or maps? Create reminders to cover travel insurance and monetary needs. If passports and other documents or immunizations are required, include them as well. Perhaps you’ll want to research activities, restaurants, landmarks, etc. A “things-to-research” list could be helpful.
  • What needs to be handled at home while you’re away? The Trip Checklist can be used to prompt you to arrange for such things as mail delivery, pet and plant care, payment of bills, and giving a trusted friend your itinerary.
  • Use the checklist to prevent the inconvenience caused by leaving an important item at home. Take time to think ahead and record clothing, accessory and toiletry needs. If you’re planning activities like exercise, swimming, golf or hiking while away, list any special equipment and clothing you’ll need.
  • Save your checklist to simplify future travel.

Try using the Trip Checklist today. Knowing all important details are covered will free you to relax and enjoy your trip.

Download: Trip Checklist

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