Weekly Status Checklist

In today’s fast paced world of business, tasks and goals can get sidetracked or delayed quite readily. It is often when business owners, managers and executives have their weekly or bi-weekly meetings that they realize that their allotted goals have fallen short. One great way to alleviate this problem is to have a good Weekly Status Checklist sheet for keeping track of all pertinent tasks and goals.

When a Weekly Status Checklist Can Prove Helpful

A Weekly Status Checklist can be especially helpful for employees, subcontractors, research professionals, professors, educators, and students as well as management staff to help keep track of specific goals that are in process. These checklists are a great help to help people stay on task and have a way to easily and concisely report on any progress that is made on a specific task or goal.

The Weekly Status Checklist template is available for use for free to all businesses, research professionals, educators, employers, students or anyone in need of this type of template. Additionally, this special Weekly Status Checklist is easy-to-use and is downloadable right here at this link. This great checklist is also customizable making it the perfect checklist for almost any task, series of tasks or program monitoring that may be needed.

Other Uses for the Weekly Status Checklist

This checklist can also be great to use for private organizations, charities, or private clubs as well. This is the perfect weekly status checklist to help with planning and gearing up for such things as fund raisers, special events, or membership enhancement programs. This easy-to-use status checklist can help those involved in the intricate planning to stay focused on the many aspects of these circumstances.

In addition, this weekly status checklist is perfect even for use with personal goal setting strategies or for family home use as well. Everyone knows that families and individuals within a family can have certain goals or tasks that they wish or need to accomplish. However, as with all goals and tasks in life, they can easily get pushed aside during busy schedules. Most people recognize how easily they get sidetracked with the many other things they need or want to do in the course of a week. This Status Checklist can help people of all ages from children and teens to adults stay on task with the goals they set for themselves or for the family unit as a whole.

Download: Weekly Status Checklist

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